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first of all sorry for my ignorance but for what concerns music I only know the analogic world. I saw a video of a guy that played an electro panflute, the panflute was connected to a little box, the box to a speaker, and the sound that came out of the box was like a saxophone. The panflute was "electric" only because there were a little mic on the top of each pipe. So, how is called that box? How can achieve the same result with software processing (via PC, or, it would be cool, via Android phone)?

Can this be done only via equalization, or do I need a sort of synth?

I do not need very good quality, only decent quality, and the possibility to do it live (and not in post-processing).

Thank you!

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Hi d3k - The kit used probably identified notes and triggered a synth through midi, but there are many ways to do it, but this question is too localised here, unfortunately. Have a read of the faq for guidance on what makes a good question for Music SE. –  Dr Mayhem May 11 '13 at 12:39