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I've played the guitar for almost 8 years and I use an amp since 2 years (since I've started with the electric guitar). My amp is the Nux Mighty 15 DFX. I really enjoy playing and I also have recorded some songs but the sound of my amp is horrible when I'm using some effects.

I'm actually looking for a good guitar pedal where I can adjust a lot of detail of my sound, or at least a great part of the distortion.

What pedal would be great for punk, funk and classic rock sound? (Examples: Arctic Monkeys, Bad Religion, Green Day, Pennywise, Rise Against, The Suicide Machines)

I need a clear, crunchy and warm sound you can hear very well out of the bands I suggested above.

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Product recommendations are not really answerable here - as this is very subjective. A pedal I might recommend may be entirely different from someone else's recommendation. The best solution is to try a wide range of pedals - most shops will let you do this. –  Dr Mayhem May 14 '13 at 22:32

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Probably the best place to start is the Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9 or TS808 (there's also the cheaper, but discontinued TS7). The TubeScreamer is a classic and many, many guitarists still use it (or a clone of it) today, including some of the payers of the bands you listed.

It is characterized by a mid-boost which makes the guitar stand out a little more in the mix and can add as little or as much gain as you'd like. When I use my TS7, I prefer a mixture of amp gain with a little pedal gain to round out the sound.

Another popular choice is the Boss SD-1. I've not personally used it, but it's possibly the second most popular behind the TubeScreamer.

Otherwise, there are about a million different pedals with major and minor variations, the world is your Over Driven Oyster.

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Thank you, it sounds really good! :D –  muffin May 15 '13 at 12:57

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