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I am curious about the differences between Nylon Tip and Wooden Tip. What are the pros and cons of these two?

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It really depends on the style of music. If you're playing military or orchestral music, with lots of rolls, you'll probably find a wooden stick rebounds better from the snare drum, making it easier to play.

On the other hand, because wood has a grain, wooden tips give you a slightly different sound depending on the rotation of the stick around its long axis. If you're playing rock or jazz music with a lot of cymbal work (whether it's loud or quiet), you'll find it easier to get a consistent sound with nylon tips.

Nylon tips last longer if you're playing heavily, especially on cymbals, cowbells, or other hard objects you might use to get special sounds.

One more possible consideration is that nylon tips were only invented in the 1950's. If you're playing music that's older than that, you might want to use a wooden stick for authenticity, especially if your audience is close up or you're being videoed.

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Nylon tips are good sounding on cymbals, therefore you'll want to use it if you do a lot of cymbal sounds. It is also more consistent than of the wooden tips, since wooden tips will sounds bad when it is depreciated.

Wooden tips on the other hand sounds better on the toms, that's why many rock and pop drummers prefer it than the nylon tips.

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"Good sounding" being, of course, subjective. Many drummers prefer the sound of wood on cymbals as well. – leftaroundabout Jul 18 '13 at 13:00

In terms of life for the sticks I think Nylon tips generally in my experience tend to drop off the end of the stick, but wood tips tend to chip very frequently leaving sharp edges that have once pierced my snare skin... but as for sound Nylon is better for riding on cymbals and wood tips are better for tom rolls and the like, for metal style music wood tips tend to be used more frequently for blast beats and fast rolls.

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