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How can a virtual instruments like Ivory grand piano can be played on computers ? Is that any other device needed to play it by connecting it to the computers ?

By connecting digital piano or midi keyboard to computer ?

And what will be batter playing directly on digital piano (I have a simple one) or through VST like I mentioned above , yahama grand piano by ivory ??

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I'm unclear as to what you're asking about here, can you clarify? You can represent and reproduce any sound digitally, no need to use an actual instrument ... and you could certainly find or create a digital piano controller for use with a PC. –  Matthew Read Jun 16 '13 at 17:55
I was just asked what I wanted to know in simple ... & the person who's answer I accepted clearly told me what I wanted to know ... There is nothing complicated or unclear here ... –  user2458935 Jun 17 '13 at 11:06

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There are several very good sounding virtual instruments available. Sound quality is often as good or maybe even better then of digital pianos. The only problem is that you usually also want the same feel as a real piano. Just connect a midi master keyboard via usb or midi and most virtual instruments provide a host application which allow you to start jamming. If you want additional sounds like drums, vocals, etc. then you need a good daw like reaper, cubase, ableton live, fruityloops, cantabile, etc. All of them can host vst's but have different work flow for recording, mastering, live editing or just live working with presets/patches. All have excellent audio quality.

What is playing better depends largely if you want excellent audio quality and/or piano feel. Good hardware is not cheap but lasts a very long period.

There is an additional thing and that is if you want good latency (the time between you hit a note and the computer generates the signal and outputs through the speakers) then that will require a good fast computer with a good audio interface. A digital piano has all this combined in one hardware unit but is less flexible.

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Any MIDI device would be the standard tool for that. Basic models just have the set of keys to use, better models are velocity sensitive (ie: respond to how hard you press down on the keys) and some even have neat nobs and stuff so you can control different aspects of your virtual instrument.

There are also drum-type MIDI pads that are more geared towards percussive and sample based instruments.

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