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My harmonica is a marine band key of C, and i have another cheap Chinese key of D. Little Walter played Juke on a key of A harmonica and i can't find the tabs for a key of C harmonica, so is it possible to play it? Any tabs out there?

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Yes, it is possible to play it. Simply transpose the version in A to C.

How do I transpose?

Move every note up a minor third (three semitones). For example, A would become C (A > A# > B > C). B would become D (B > C > C# > D) and so on.

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You may not be able, easily, to play this ,in A, on a C harp.But there is probably no point. Just play it in the key of the harp you have. When you find the tab, it will still be playable, but you will be in a different key. This will only be a problem if other people want to play along with you, but that's a sort of inherent problem for most harmonica players anyhow. That's why most will have an armoury of lots in differing keys.

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