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I really wonder if I this question is fit to be asked in this forum. But I don't know where else to ask.

I own an Ibanez GRG150 Dio, which is a beginners' guitar. I've been playing it for the last 7 years, and it has served me really well. I want to invest in a second guitar, and I am thinking of something that's not Ibanez. I play blues, classic rock, hard rock, metal. I cannot afford the Gibson Les Paul. I am confused between Epiphone and PRS, particularly these models:

Would you be able to give me differences between Epiphone and PRS? Any brands other than these I should check out?

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Although this isn't your first guitar, the answers here are still relevant: music.stackexchange.com/questions/1496/… –  Dr Mayhem Sep 4 '13 at 11:26

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Guitar choice is so subjective. Both these guitars are excellent value for money, and will probably retain a lot of that value years down the line. As you are probably aware, the Epiphone brand is the 'budget' version of the Gibson, so you could also consider the 'budget' version of the Fender- Squier. Both Strat. and Tele offer good value.Don't forget, also, Musicman, an 'offshoot' of Fender. Back to the Epiphones - 335 'copies', like Riviera and Sheraton (I have had one for years and still love it to bits) are superb players for blues ( and, if you get to it later, jazz).

Every player needs to try out all options, so how about going into the shops; trying your mates' guitars; looking at second-hand for sale? Finding and buying a good used guitar will save you hundreds, and the mark-down over the years will be negligible. Who knows, you may be lucky and find a real Gibson or Fender for your sort of money. If it's battered, so what ? Both companies beat up their 'relic' model, and charge a premium for the privilege !

PRS, of course, is the maker who's been around the shortest time, but these guitars are excellent.Maybe they are the most versatile in tone, and maybe playing style, but, like I said, you need to try ALL options before making that decision. Good luck !

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In my limited experience (100+ trips to guitarcenter and the like trying to decide what I wanted over the course of a year...) I found the PRS budget models to be of consistently higher quality than almost any other budget guitar other than Ibanez.

Both Ibanez and PRS make a very nice guitar in the $350 - $450 range. Now, if we could just get rid of the Ibanez pointy headstock....

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I agree with @JimR PRS Guitars are expensive while on the other hand The Strip down version of Gibson EC 335 is available as Epiphone Dot though the sound it produce is not at par with the EC. But comapring the price differences i think it is a good buy. I played the Greg Benett RL3 which is also a semi-hollow body, i personally liked it not just because it is even cheaper than the Epiphone Dot but the features and build quality is quite worth the bang.

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