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im a guitar player from portugal, and recently, me and my band colleague decided to build our own baritone guitar as our band would benefit from the low end, but as we started researching on baritones, we found out about Bass VI guitar/basses, and we decided we would do that instead, we fitted a 29.75'' neck in a telecaster style body of a guitar we had around and now we're in the process of buying and assembling bridge/tuners/strings, but it's turning out pretty difficult to find a place to buy strings with a decent price, we've looked everywhere locally, tried nationally with some online shops and the result would always be the same, if they actually happen to know what is a baritone guitar, we ask about bass VI and if the remotely know what's a bass VI they never have strings for it or at least a way to order... we actually found a shop who had just ordered 2 Fender (Squier maybe?) Bass VI and when they got to the store we went to test it, we loved it, but again, no strings, they said it would take about 2 weeks, it's been a month and so we started looking internationally, problem is even though some shops have the strings, they dont ship internationally or the shipping rates make it out of our affordable price range when buying strings.

All this just to ask if you know any place i can order bass VI strings or maybe a place like nakedstrings.com that has the needed gauge (.025 to .095) but that ships to my country...

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Have you tried Thomann Music's Portugal web page? thomann.de/pt/cordas_para_guitarra_electrica.html –  Wheat Williams Sep 17 '13 at 11:28
the problem with thomann is the shipping, they charge 20€ for shipping anything, great when you buy an amp, awfull when you buy a pack of strings i have looked into that and if i find no other solution i will have to agree to pay more for shipping than the actual strings... –  Antero Duarte Sep 17 '13 at 11:34
You sure you can't get them via Amazon? Failing that, I'd look for someone who will sell you a bulk buy, as the shipping costs are probably per-package more than by weight. –  Carl Witthoft Sep 17 '13 at 11:49
Have you tried individual strings? The top 3 or 4 would come from standard guitar strings and the remainder from a bass guitar set. If you knew what gauge they were, it would be good. I'm thinking something like 025, 035, 050, 065, 080, 095. –  Tim Sep 17 '13 at 13:48
I thought about that, that's why i would like something like naked strings, i ran into an issue though, aren't bass strings too large to fit on a guitar bridge? i mean the ball end, isnt it different? if i didnt ran into that issue, i would've thought that is the way to go, and btw, the official fender bass VI string gauges are: 025 035 045 055 075 095, although if i do go this way, i might actually get something larger at least for the low E, everyone's complaining about it beeing too loose, so, you were almost there :p –  Antero Duarte Sep 17 '13 at 15:06

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