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My lip tends to move around a little bit on the lip plate when playing the flute when playing fast passages, so the quality of the notes is sometimes not very good for those fast passages.

Is there some good way to correct this?

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Do you have a teacher? Having an outside observer is critical to eliminating bad habits. And the old stand-by advice: play it slowly, and speed up only so far as you can do while NOT collapsing your embouchure. Then speed up step-by-step. –  Carl Witthoft Sep 30 '13 at 11:46
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Be sure to keep your posture correct, as you might not be holding up your arms high enough so the flute is horizontal (putting enough vertical pressure to your lips with your flute).

Also clean your mouthpiece and make sure it is not oily or slippery. Cleaning it with a silver clean cloth is good for the silver, but might leave some oily residue. The same with your chin, make sure your skin is not oily.

And lastly: just picture that the bottom of your lip is glued to your flute. Open your mouth and keep the flute stuck to your lip, move around a bit and see the flute stays in position.

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