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I have a BOSS ODB-3 pedal and an Ibanez GSR200 bass. I was playing the song Warriors Of The World United by Manowar and I was wondering what pedals did Joey use for that song? It sounds amazing, and I can't figure out quite the right sound.

Any ideas? Chorus pedal perhaps?

Here is the song if anyone doesn't know it:

You can hear the bass pretty clearly in the beginning.

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I'm not familiar with Manowar, but their "bass" player is known for playing a piccolo bass, which is a custom instrument that is the same size as a real bass guitar, but tuned one octave higher (the same range as the four lowest strings of the electric guitar) and using custom, thin strings. So the tone and timbre of the notes he plays will be quite a bit different than those you can get with a conventional bass guitar, such as the one you own. If you want that sound, you need to find an actual piccolo bass, or modify your bass with Manowar's custom strings and tuning. –  Wheat Williams Oct 5 '13 at 23:38
I've done some Google searching, and apparently at least some of the time he uses an instrument tuned in the regular bass guitar range but mostly he uses extremely thin strings in a different tuning. They simply produce a tone that you cannot get with a conventional bass guitar. I've found references to his using very unusual custom pickups and amplifiers to further define his unique sound. I do not think his sound has much to do with effects pedals at all. –  Wheat Williams Oct 5 '13 at 23:59

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