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I play the keyboard for multiple ensembles and bands and between them I use 5 different keyboards. I seem to always run into the problem of finding a really good sound for a song on one that I can't replicate on the other due to either the sound itself not being there or inefficiently being able to edit sounds on the specific keyboard. Two of the keyboards are mine, so I can play with them all the time and get the sounds just the way I want to. The other three however I only have access to while practicing or playing a show and I don't have the most time to fiddle with the sounds. I was wondering if there was some kind of program that I can create and edit sounds for a keyboard on my computer and load them on to any kind of keyboard.

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A way round this is to use a module. E.g. Roland do JV1080 (getting old now), which has all the capacity of the (also old !) XP keyboards.The unit is the size of a briefcase, and can be programmed at home, then taken to the gig and midi'd with any other midi keyboard. This way, you have all your sounds with you, accessible with any keyboard.

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There are so many different architectures for keyboards that this is not really possible. Even cross-loading sounds from other models by the same manufacturer is not terribly widespread. And that doesn't even account for how many don't have support for loading and saving sounds with a laptop.

The only real solution is to always bring your own keyboard(s), or bring your own module and just use the house keyboard as a MIDI controller as has already been suggested. You could also run a DAW on your laptop and MIDI to that.

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Any reason why you can't just pick the one keyboard with the best sounds? And hook up any additional keyboards to it with midi? Any program to edit the presets of a keyboard will likely only be able to do THAT keyboard due to preset incompatibility.

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I have to use the "House Keyboard" for my ensembles and that may be one of two depending if other ensembles are preforming/practicing. I own two and one is at the drummer's house where my band practices. It would make my life much simpler if I could just bring my laptop and plug it into the laptops I don't have access to on a normal basis so I can immediately get the sounds I want. –  Dom Oct 9 '13 at 23:01

You could find yourself a favorite midi-controller keyboard, one with a feel you really like, and use it to control a Macbook (or other suitable computer) onstage. Many sample libraries come in the form of Kontakt libraries. Thus onstage the sound would be coming from your laptop.

So I'd say the program you're looking for is probably Kontakt and/or something like Mainstage, but instead of loading the sounds into a keyboard, just bring the computer with you.

--edit: I just noticed in your reply that you have to use a "house keyboard". Though I don't fully understand your comment, it still seems likely this "house keyboard" would have a usb port on it, such that you could control your laptop from it.

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