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I'm a beginner ukulele player (been playing for about a year), and I've got a question about this song from Famous Solos & Duets for the 'Ukulele by John King:


How do I play the circled bar with the skipped C string? The fingering arrow indicates that I am to strum it with the index finger, rather than simultaneously pluck three strings. The chords don't sound bad with a C added, so I've been playing them with the C string open. I've tried muting the string, but I'm finding that quite difficult to do while holding the other strings in the chord (although I suppose that might get better with practice). Is that the right thing to do here, or is there a better way that I haven't thought of yet?

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Muting is the way to do it. If you can't put the tip of a spare finger gently on that string, then use the pad of the next finger that is pressing the adjacent string down. It's a technique (trick) that guitarists use often.If all this proves impossible, which it shouldn't, then try to find another note from the same chord that can be played on that string with a cross on it. It won't be perfectly accurate, but I doubt anyone will notice.

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Thanks. I kept trying to use a spare finger to mute the string and struggling, but using the finger fretting the fourth string to mute the third string works well. – Ben Miller Oct 16 '13 at 3:30

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