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I've been playing drums for a while, but every now and then, i feel that i need to see some basic concepts to improve myself and to expand my knowledge on drum theory, rudiments, and so on.

But i get lost pretty easily. I'm self taught...i didn't have someone to show me way, or an order of learning things. Even with tons of stuff on the internet i still get myself lost.

Could you guys give me some directions? And not just on rudiments...it could be anything. From single strokes to double bass pedal techniques....from easiest to hardest, in some sort of order, progression.

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Simple and short answer: forget about the stuff on the internet for a few months and get a good, structured book on drumming instead (or a teacher). Usually, the authors of those books have spent some thoughts on what is important in the beginning.

I cannot give a recommondation for a book unfortunately, as I don't know the English literature that well. For German beginners, I'd recommend "Modern Drumming" from Diethard Stein.

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