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In Apple's GarageBand, there are guitar lessons, but I think they cost money to buy. Does anyone have any experience with these, and if so, are they good value?

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Personally I find the free ones a bit 'smarmy', so have never ventured beyond — I prefer what you can find from 'peers' on sites like youtube. – Anonymous Jan 15 '11 at 23:33

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I spent 7 months with my Guitar.

Started with and GarageBand lessons.

I give 5/5 rating for GarageBand lessons, it has 2 sections, tutorial and practice sections. If you can do them, you can play mostly anything and can even develop your own music.

Other than lessons there are many features that you would love to explore, I promise :) Worth buying it..

P.S Pick up the Guitar, get the party started :P

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There are a number of lessons that are free (though none that actually teach you a particular song). They range from very basic, to intermediate in difficulty, and I found them to be quite good as a teaching method.

Free is almost always a good value!

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