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This Prelude and Fugue for organ has two ornaments in it, and those two ornaments, in the Urtext, are the same:

In the middle of the Prelude (please excuse the score markings, and the "lighter" had to do with the organ), and at the end of the Prelude (it's not a literal "rit"):

enter image description here enter image description here

You'll notice the ornaments in the upper right hand corners of the scanned images, which are not in Bach's guide of ornamentation... has anyone a clue on how to play these or knows more about the issue?

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They look very much like the second ornament on the bottom line of the guide (idem), and I have heard them played like that. Of course, they look shorter, like a combination of that "uphook" and the mordent. With this interpretation you could also play the first one as B-A#-G#-A#, especially if your tempo is faster. I think I prefer the more finalizing effect of the longer trill, though, especially at the end of the piece.

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