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Usually there are so many good recording of any famous classical piano piece. Consider a piece which has been recorded by all of these great pianists: Horowitz, Richter, Gould, Rubinstein, Gilels, Schiff, Ashkenazy!

Question 1: What's the point of a making a new recording by another pianist? Has anything remained which these giants had not achieved in performing that piece?

Question 2: What can I gain and should look for, listening to a new recording of such a piece (of course other than clarity of the recording due to technology developments)?

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This isn't actually asking a question about music. It is asking for opinions. Why would I do something? Why would someone else? New recordings can be done for any reason - to change tone, speed, cadence, timbre; to use a different piano...etc –  Dr Mayhem Nov 22 '13 at 20:02

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Music is a performing art, and a performance is not (should not be) an acoustic "printout" of the score. Each performer gives each piece's performance his/her own personal touch, timing, energy, and interpretation. Each recording environment (be it a studio, or specific concert hall) affects the character of the performance.

I'm not saying that every distinct performance is "good" and worthy of perennial preservation, but even a "lesser performer" - whatever that means - will put a put an interesting touch to a piece.

There is no such thing as "the perfect performance". And I'm thankful: that would be really boring.

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