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I've bought a tenor banjo-uke (GDAE) as a present for person, who is playing on ukulele. Problem is that I've found there is a different tunning (ukulele is GCEA) and he would have to learn from begining on different tuning...

Is it possible to retune banjo uke from GDAE to GCEA? I'm layman, so I know nothing about it. Is it as simple as seems to be (just replace strings) or not so simple?

And if yes, which kind of strings should I use?

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Banjo ukuleles are typically tuned the same as regular ukuleles: GCEA. The current tuning you have on your banjo uke is alternative. A tenor scale ukulele is 17 inches (43 cm) measured from the nut to the saddle, so if your banjo ukulele has the same scale length, you should be able to put standard tenor scale ukulele strings on it and tune it to GCEA. String sets are available for both high-G (standard reentrant tuning) and low-G.

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