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I bought a Lexicon Lambda interface and connected it to my MacBook Pro late 2011.


Intel core i5 2.4GHz
16GB Ram
OSX 10.9
Lexicon Lambda (Connected via USB to computer)
Samson Graphite 49 (Connected via USB to computer)

I installed CuBase LE 5 and then tried recording a sound with my microphone.
When I plug in the microphone to any of the inputs on the card I get terrible static noises even before playback or record... Just by pressing monitor... Same with the graphite controller, when I play on it the notes are distorted...

What I tried to do:

Restart the system
Install a patch from Steinberg's site
Use another cable
Use another USB port
Disconnect everything and try only with the interface
Trying every sample rate that CuBase showed me
Trying Mono and Stereo
Different volume and monitor levels on the interface
Different sockets on the interface

And then... I tried GarageBand... Which worked perfectly fine so what's the problem with CuBase why do I get static noises when I use it?

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