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We would like to perform excerpts from Monteverdi's Orfeo on period instruments. According to recent research, what is the most authentic temperament that could have been used for the keyboard instruments in the Italian early baroque?

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Can't vouch for early baroque, but by the mid-baroque meantone seemed to be most common. This is the reference era for the discussion of temperament, though, so really many different types were practiced and theorized. By picking the temperament you think suits the pieces best (by the range of keys, duration of each key, etc.), I'd say you're practicing the authentic experience. Of course, if you find a good text on Monteverdi and temperament, please let us know! –  oliTUTilo Jan 12 at 5:19
Thank you, I already thought of 1/5 comma meantone. I know the best temperament varies from piece to piece, so it has to be determined by practice and hearing, effectively playing through the piece and carefully listening. Unfortunately the instrument tuner needed an urgent choice and I didn't have the opportunity to try things out, that's why I posted a question here. Next time I'm going to have a suitabe MIDI software at hand. :) –  thSoft Jan 12 at 11:35
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