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I bought a very nice playing upper level saxophone. It's says Mercury Design in USA. The seller told me the parts came from Korea and it was assembled in usa.

Seller said: Double arms on all claps in the low registeres just like the yanagisawa's. Inscription: "Mercury musical design USA" Serial nummer JF0117H8.

It plays incredible, but I can't find any information about this peculiar sax. And the hammer blow is really rare. Have you seem hammer blow (does it translate like this: hamerslag) saxes before? Does anybody have any information about this sax?

mercury sax mercury sax2 mercury sax3

I only found this strange website http://www.lk-js.com/en/info.asp?id=4

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Checking in w/ my bro the sax repair/restore/performance guy... hope to have an answer soon. –  Carl Witthoft Jan 21 '14 at 0:59
Also got some info here forum.saxontheweb.net/… –  dorien Jan 21 '14 at 12:05

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New and Asian. Basically if you have a few design ideas and a checkbook, you can get an Asian manufacturer to make their standard issue horn with your personal modifications and your brand name. And, yes, they make some good ones. Could be something like a music shop owner in Smalltown, USA who hoped to hit the big time.

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Ok, I'll bite -- is that actually my bro? If so -- verify w/ some secret info like "name of our dog when we lived on BayView Rd" –  Carl Witthoft Jan 21 '14 at 18:52
Hehe : ) The carls Bros –  dorien Jan 22 '14 at 12:37

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