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Who are the most known improvisers for being successful in playing in many different ways? I'm interested in performances where improviser would be not immediately recognizable for his otherwise well known 'trademark' style.

Different genres and instruments are fine, as long it is not the only difference.

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I think the answer depends on one's subjective ability to recognise the improviser; which would probably be highly dependent upon knowledge of their ouvre and instrument. With that in mind, I'd suggest John McLaughlin as a candidate for having success in different styles, where he might not be recongisable immediately. Compare the Mahavishnu Orchestra with Remember Shakti, guitar trios, post-Mahavishnu fusion, organ trios etc.

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Most known, I couldn't say. The best I can think of is Guthrie Govan (a guitarist), who is outrageously flexible. He can even mimic the styles of others with outstanding accuracy.

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Could you add a link to a song of his maybe? –  Shevliaskovic Feb 12 '14 at 20:34

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