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Is there an app or open source software that can detect piano notes being played in real time ? Not the MIDI ones, but music generated by real piano/electronic keyboard in Grand Piano setting and input through microphone.

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This is called transcription software; did you mean an app as in a mobile device app? Or desktop? There are many libraries that you could use if you were willing to develop your own app for either, of course, but there are also many already in existence. I'm not sure how accurate they are, but you can always give a couple a shot (try searching Github or SourceForge)! (Or just wait for someone else's answer)

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Anything is ok. Mobile or desktop app. I am ok in spending time in developing my own, I have experience in python programming. But before jumping onto that I was looking for what is already there. Specifically for piano, it is ok if this doesnt work when many other instruments are playing, but should have sufficient accuracy (>95%) when piano solo is played. –  iankit Feb 11 at 7:32

There is software for that. But it is not always very accurate. Especially with multiple voices (or instruments) starting at the same time.

Research on this started over 40 years ago: Rabiner, Lawrence, et al. "A comparative performance study of several pitch detection algorithms." Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 24.5 (1976): 399-418.

And has improved a lot during the last few years: De La Cuadra, Patricio, Aaron Master, and Craig Sapp. "Efficient pitch detection techniques for interactive music." Proceedings of the 2001 International Computer Music Conference. 2001.

I suggest you take a look at the pitch detection plugin of the (free software) Audacity here.

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decreased accuracy with multiple voices is ok. Something that just works with piano solos is the first question. How much accuracy can be achieved with that using available tools, if not then I will look for developing some code of my own. Thanks for the audacity plugin, I will check it out. However this looks like a general plugin, some code which is optimized for piano might be a better choice. –  iankit Feb 11 at 7:34

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