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Does our wish to express emotion drive the song to travel to different notes (either up or down) of a scale?

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There is a concept in the philosophy and theory of Western music called Affekt, affect, or "the doctrine of the affections". A lot was written about it in the Baroque period, around the year 1600 and after. Look up this reference on Wikipedia; there is much you can read if you look further.

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Yes, there is a textbook method to composition but that only tells you how to maintain your limits when writing.

Expressing yourself through scales or chords while improvising is definitely an expression of your current emotions, whether they be sad, happy, mad or glad, your playing will reflect your heart and soul if you focus in and get your jam on.

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Thank you. I wanted to know where the idea to transition among notes in a scale comes from. Doesn't our emotion behind the particular field of song naturally drive us to transition to higher or lower notes from the home note? – user9362 Feb 12 '14 at 15:58
I think that you need to learn more about improvisation. To me it seems like you're afraid of making a bunch of noise and not playing "right". Music theory is just that. THEORY. Get creative and take your song writing one step at a time. – Daniel Feb 13 '14 at 11:43

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