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How should an organ's (61-key) manuals align with its pedalboard, left to right?

  • Symmetrically?

  • By centering a D from the manual on the middle D pedal?

Neither the AGO nor the British online specifications say explicitly. The British diagram seems to self-contradictorily suggest both of these options. (I'm in the New World, so I'd prefer a north american standard.)

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Of course, not all pedalboards have the same number of pedals; they cover different note ranges. They also have different physical layouts (radial curved, radial flat, straight). I imagine that these factors have to be taken into account. – user1044 Mar 4 '14 at 18:04
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Both of the above. If the keys and manuals are close to spec in width, then symmetry and D-D alignment can be true at the same time. AGO spec does say, "Left to right location: Centered under the manuals."

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