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I'm looking to improve my workflow for adding new music to my Traktor collection. I want to improve on how Traktor is configured, how I have set up my hard drive's folder structure and how I process the new music from purchase all the way through to beatgridding.

Currently, my HDD folder structure is like this:

 - Main Traktor directory somewhere on HDD
   - Collection directory (contains all fully prepped music)
   - Preparation directory (contains un-gridded music)
     - 'No tags' directory (contains un-tagged music)

My workflow for processing new music is like this:

  1. Music is purchased on Beatport and fetched in bulk with Beatport Downloader.
  2. I move it into my Traktor\Preparation\No Tags folder.
  3. I use MP3 tagging software to edit the file names and ID3 tags as I see fit.
  4. When I'm done tagging, I move the music up one directory, to the Traktor\Preparation folder.
  5. I open Traktor and start analyzing all music in the Traktor\Preparation folder.
  6. I tweak the beatgrid of all tracks, and insert my desired cue-points for all tracks (Load cue-point, and positions of breaks, drops and outro's for visual reference when mixing). This is probably the most time-consuming step in my workflow, but has proven to pay off when mixing improvised or with little preparation for a gig.
  7. When done beatgridding, I move the music out of the Preparation directory into the Traktor\Collection folder. At start-up, Traktor's consistency check finds missing tracks, and I re-link them to the tracks which are now in the Collection directory.
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