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I have and idea to take some drum lessons with the goal to learn more about rhythm which I really like.

I think it may be good to take also some homework from the teacher, but the ordinary drum set is kind of scaring me. It seems much better to practice on something that is relatively silent (saving my neighbours) and not so big.

Is it possible to say for the teacher I plan to practice on something like this device, for instance, or some other similar, or maybe other "unobtrusive" learning methods exist? Playing drums just in learning studio would probably not be enough.

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Using a practice pad is common among drummers, and you certainly can learn e.g. hand independence and basic drum patterns without playing on a complete kit. I believe it will be possible to make progress in this way. At some point real kit playing will be more beneficial, but for learning the basics, it will be enough to use a practice pad.

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I think the best would be to get an electronic drum set. It isn't really huge and it isn't really loud. You can use headphones, so no one can listen to what you are playing.

Of course the practice pad would help, but a real drum set would be much much better and would help you develop faster (In my experience).

Does the device that you mentioned have a bass drum? If it doesn't, you won't develop 100% drum skills, because you will need to use a bass drum.

But you can use that device in order to develop some starter skills and see for yourself if you want to continue learning drums.

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