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I've been playing concert flute (with a teacher) for a year, and I still cannot always get clear sonorous sound. Instead, it would often hiss.

I speculate that the reason may be in the airflow -- a wrong angle, or maybe too wide a stream -- but I cannot easily catch it. Are there any techniques to learn to hit the right sound?

The discussion in Blow low notes on the transverse flute is a little more specific than I need now.

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Practice. Specifically, practice long tones so you can concentrate on nothing but the sound quality. At least for a while, don't worry about the attack (start of the note) either, as that's a tricky thing all its own. Make small adjustments to your embouchure and mouthpiece "roll" to see what leads to the cleanest sound. Then keep doing long tones to help "remember" your physical setup. You probably also should make sure you're not trying to play excessively loudly or softly :-)

Getting a 'pro' tone on any instrument takes years of practice, so be patient.

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Fiona Wilkinson in "The Physical flute" p25 starts the explanation about dynamics.That's what she states for Forte "For forte, the jaw must be dropped and relaxed, the lips are loose and flat against the embouchure plate. The oral cavity must be large. Two mental orders: 1)Arch the roof of the mouth, keeping the tongue low. 2)Say teh vowel "O" or "AH".

(I just give the piano too, 1) Let the roof of the mouthfall toward the tongue. 2) Say the vowel "E") I hope this starts helping. Mic

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