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I have a Yamaha YPT-220 and Cubase 7.5. I would like to be able to set up a configuration that would allow me to press keys on my keyboard and have it play through Cubase, using the selected instrument track program. (Being able to input notes [record MIDI, basically] would be great too.) How can I achieve this?

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Asian Squirrel, you can either buy a MIDI to USB cable, which I would not recommend because of the latency. Latency is the delay between when you press a key and when it registers in your DAW as a midi note. If you're interested in the MIDI to USB cable, here's a link:


It's the cheapest option.

You can also buy an audio interface, which is what I would suggest. I seem to get less latency using an audio interface. I've had a wholly positive experience with the focusrite scarlett series:


If you opt for the audio interface, bear in mind that you will also need to procure a midi cable.

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Haha oops forgot to mention that I've got the MIDI-USB cable (even got it connected to where Cubase recognizes it and knows when it's been disconnected). But how do I configure it so my keypresses are registered in some manner? –  AsianSquirrel Apr 28 at 12:30
I haven't used Cubase before, and I was under the assumption that you were just looking for ways to connect the keyboard. However, create a midi track within Cubase and make sure that you have some sort of Virtual instrument available. The usb-midi cable won't make the sounds that come on your keyboard available to the DAW. You're going to have to use a virtual instrument. Once you have a midi track on Cubase, assign your midi sound in the DAW or plug-in and then you should be able to produce sounds by pressing down on the keys. –  MrTheBard Apr 28 at 14:02
Didn't work... I also tried using the Monitor button, and that didn't seem to do much either. Do I have to have a MIDI Device set up in the MIDI Devices manager thing? –  AsianSquirrel Apr 29 at 0:43

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