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How do i check that a guitar is solid top or laminated top? Are there any huge differences in the sound and appearance so that i can differentiate between them? I want to buy a solid top guitar and i dont wish to get fooled by the guitar sales person. Please help.

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Why do you care whether it's laminated? Because of the sound. So forget about the reasons for the sound. If you like how it sounds, buy it even if it's laminated. If you don't like how it sounds, don't buy it even if it's solid-top. –  slim Jun 28 at 7:10

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Look at the edges of the soundhole. If the top is laminate, the soundhole will look like a sandwich. If the top is solid, the grain pattern will continue. More at this link. http://sixstrings.com.my/the-3-acoustic-guitars/

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If you add that there are too many other variables between guitars (bracing type, wood type, construction type etc) to identity the top type on tonal properties this will be a complete answer. –  Fergus May 7 at 22:04
Is there an other way? Coz the guitar that i already have, has a painted soundhole edge. I know its probably laminated as it is dirt cheap, still... Any other things that i should look for? –  Shashank Raghunath May 8 at 21:35
I'm getting less sure about this, but without looking at the grain where you can see through, you can't be sure. I'd say, if they painted over the top of it, it's less likely to be solid. Could be wrong. If you like your current guitar, it's a good guitar whether it's a solid top or not. I'd say don't worry about it, but check out your next guitar. –  VarLogRant May 9 at 18:22

other way that may useful, put a high intense lamp in sound box if the top is quiet thin the pattern of the wood will be shown and tells it. I have standard classic of very thin spruce top, this method sufficiently works with my guitar.

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