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As mentioned in the topic i tried to hook up my Digitech RP 250 to LMMS as a MIDI controller.

I already used my keyboard successfully (without the RP 250 obviously), so there shouldn´t be too much errors in my approach.

The RP 250 is available to choose in LMMS the same way my keyboard was. The only difference is, that it doesn´t make any sound, when i play something on the guitar.

I checked, that the volume on the guitar is tuned up, as well as the volume on the RP 250 itself. I also tried to turn on/off the pedaleffect and the button on the back (AMP/Mixer).

I do get sound when i plug in some headphones in the RP 250.

Or do i get something wrong entirely, and it is not possible to use the guitar this way ?

No results were found by googling the problem.

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