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Two years or so ago, I got a 12 hole Legend of Zelda ocarina as a gift, because I am a big fan of the franchise. I have used for decoration purposes, but I would live to be able to play some little songs just for fun, like Lugia's Song, Lost Woods and maybe some random songs like the Tetris Theme (B).

I searched the internet for information, but found conflicting information, some sites say the 12 ocarinas are hard to play and people should start with the easier 4 hole versions, but some say the 12 holes are easier because the tone progression is more natural. Are there ocarina players on this StackExchange with experience with 4 and 12 hole ocarinas who could give me a suggestion whether or not I should buy a 4 hole ocarina to start?

I do have some musical experience, I played drums for quite a long time (until two years ago, stopped because I didn't have much time to practice) and want to ask if that experience would help with learning to play the ocarina or if it is actually a disadvantage because it is a different kind of musical instrument.

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