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I'm trying to find a venue that has a DJ/musician that makes the music live. For example

I am in NYC and want to find music like this. It sounds like DeepHouse/Electronica/Jazz, but being made live. I can't come up with a single Google query to describe it, in order to find a venue that has it.

There must be venues in NYC that have live productions of this genre on the regular. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Hi Raj, welcome to Music.SE. Our site is about the practice of music, and this question is of the "Music Appreciation" variety, which is defined as off-topic here. There is a proposal on Area 51 gaining traction now that would be the proper place for this kind of question. –  NReilingh May 17 at 4:45
I felt this fell into the category of Music Performance. I was simply looking for a name for this type of performance. But if you feel moving this question to "Music Fans" is better suited, I will. Although I don't really see how to properly post a question there. –  Raj May 17 at 6:06
Your question is about a performance of music, but it is not about the art and craft of music performance. Music Fans is a site proposal, meaning once it gains enough followers on Area 51 it will be turned into a full site. –  NReilingh May 17 at 7:02
For what it's worth, the band you've referenced might best be described as "experimental live electronica", and it's entirely possible that there aren't any other bands doing what they're doing. –  NReilingh May 17 at 7:08
Thanks for answering (I'd hate to have to sit back and wait until Music Fans comes to be to ask this question)! I have quite a few examples of other bands that do the same thing, so it's not unique to them. What does the operative word "experimental" mean? Is that redundant to "live"? –  Raj May 17 at 13:01