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I am a pianist with a strong classical background and am used to playing good Steinway grands. I few years ago I was lent a Yamaha P-250 which I know is an older model at this point and was just asked to return it so am looking for a replacement. I liked the P-250 for its action and piano samplings though I assume the actions have improved since then (for example I saw a keyboard mentioned that has the "escapement" built into it - the point on the piano action where the key actually engages). I want a setup where I can both perform on stage and record. I'm a bit familiar with piano VST's (bought Imperfect Samples) though these didn't work great with my setup so I used the "onboard" sounds on the P-250 which were good although obviously not ideal (especially with the pedal resonance dropping tones). So basically my question has to do with what I replace the P-250 with for both performing and recording both in terms of the keyboard and whatever else is required. Please forgive the naivete of these questions - I've almost exclusively an acoustic guy all my live. Thanks.

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Please note that shopping recommendations are off-topic here. However, this could potentially be a good question for this site if you emphasized what kind of features to expect in a modern keyboard, how to evaluate them, or how to compare them to an acoustic piano. With some light editing I think you may be able to keep this question from being put on hold – hope this helps! – Bradd Szonye May 18 '14 at 22:51