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For some reason I seem to be particularly enjoying maj7 chords in all genres of music. I am therefore looking for piano pieces that rely on them a lot. So far I can think of:

  • Satie's Gymnopédie No.1
  • Schumann's Album für die Jugend op.68 No.30

But I don't know the repertoire very well so I was thinking maybe some of you have other suggestions? I'm mainly looking for these new pieces in order to get sheet music that I could play. I don't find jazz lead sheets to be helpful in that regard, at my level anyway.

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If all genres are concerned, go for jazz. Maj7's high, low and inbetween... –  Meaningful Username Jun 3 at 10:57
I should have clarified (and will do) that I'm mainly looking for these new pieces in order to get sheet music that I could play. I don't find jazz lead sheets to be helpful in that regard, at my level anyway. –  user10960 Jun 3 at 11:01
It's very easy: just fill in the blanks ;) –  Meaningful Username Jun 3 at 12:24
If you like maj7, be sure to check out maj7(#11) too. And probably maj9 as well. Enjoy! –  Kirk A Jun 3 at 14:10
If you think it can be reformulated accordingly, please edit your question. If your edits do make the question on-topic, we'll reopen it. :) –  Kevin Jun 4 at 5:02

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I understand that you are mainly looking for piano pieces, but I've also included commercial music. One of my favorite things to do is turn commercial music into beautiful piano pieces. Here are some songs I've found that feature Maj7 chords.

Commercial Oldies

Chicago - Colour My World

Bread - Make It With You

The Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends

Carole King - It's Too Late

Elton John - Bennie and the Jets

America - Tin Man

Blood Sweat & Tears - You've Made Me So Very Happy

John Lennon - Imagine

Miracles - Ooh Baby Baby

Dinosaur Jr. - Severed Lips

Carly Simon - The Right Thing To Do

Rupert Holmes - Him

Paul McCartney and Wings - Band On The Run


Michel Legrand - Watch What Happens

Antonio Jobim - Dindi (not technically classical, but has that feel)


Chick Corea - Litha

Tadd Dameron - Lady Bird

Joe Henderson - Inner Urge


Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge

Also lots of Stereolab and Steely Dan

Sheet Music

Stereolab - Crest

Stereolab - French Disko

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the list! Unsurprisingly I know most of these artists and have even seen one live. However your post answers my question only partly since in the case of Stereolab for instance there is no sheet music available. –  user10960 Jun 3 at 15:32
@mm2703 Sorry that I only provided part of your question. I couldn't find much sheet music for Stereolab but I provided a couple resources in my answer above. –  MattCamp Jun 3 at 16:06