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Sometimes, when I do Alzapua, I can not produce clean sound, there're still I heard my thumb's nail picking. Usually, I use it while I'm playing (or learning with) some regular chord, like E major. Well, I do have long thumb nail because I want to learn that flamenco technique, because I think it'll be easier doing it while you have long nail.

Am I doing wrong step? If so, is there any method that I can try with?

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I don't have enough experience with this technique to give a solid answer, but I can say it sounds like you would need to REALLY develop the right hand thumb for that technique, for instance by slowly alternate-picking with the thumb over single-string patterns. It can be easy to underestimate how much time you really have to spend to master a new technique. Good luck! – Grey Jun 30 '14 at 9:45

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Some Tips:

  • Hire time with an actual Flamenco guitarist if you are interested in true flamenco technique. This will answer most of your questions.
  • Make sure that you thumb nail is properly trimmed.
  • It's ok in the beginning steps if you hear some nail with this technique. If you are doing this to play the lightning fast scales that Flamenco guys like to do, it's going to be more about aggression and physicality than utter perfection and cleanliness.

As a master of the technique says in his youtube comments:

"as far as I do not see you actually playing it, I can’t advise nor say even one word about it, "

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