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I've recently started learning piano but I have been using free online lessons (e.g. videos on youtube) and I've found that it's really not an ideal way of learning - lessons are badly organised, not interactive and not very thorough.

I can't really afford a tutor, but online piano lessons that you pay for seem pretty reasonably priced. Does anyone know if these websites are effective, if so any recommendations on a particular website? For example, Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions.

Primarily I want to learn piano to be able to compose/produce my own music...I don't want to fall into the trap I fell into with drums - which is to rely on the music created by others and be able to replicate it, but not be able to produce my own stuff.

By the way - I have an 88 key semiweighted midi controller, so I am able to plug it in and use the interactive bits of these lessons.


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