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I am interested in listening to "vinyl", and want to get into it as a hobby. I want to buy a decent turntable, but I don't know if I just buy one, or do I have to specifically choose the rpm on the motor, the needle and everything like that, too? Can anyone tell me what I need to know?

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is about record players. See e.g. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Record_player for more info. –  Meaningful Username Jul 6 at 9:55
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My issue with this remains: what is the big deal with off-topic questions, if they are good questions regardless? I mean, I get that you'll want to close questions about lawn mowers and kitchen robots, but music.SE should definitely be open for questions concerning listening to music. Additionally, if Nick said he was going to use these turntables to play music in public as some kind of DJ, would the question suddenly become on-topic, despite the fact that it's still the same question? Let's just stop nitpicking at everything, and help out where we can instead. –  Lee White Jul 6 at 12:44
@Lee: You're free to answer the question, it's not closed. That seems like time better spent than arguing here. It is also a very lazy question, not much research can have happened before it was posted. I don't think it's a very useful question no matter how you frame it. –  Meaningful Username Jul 6 at 12:45
Asked a question on meta about this: meta.music.stackexchange.com/questions/827/… –  Meaningful Username Jul 6 at 19:08

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Any basic turntable should be perfectly fine to get started. The RPM can be set between 45 and 33.3 on quite basic models. If you have need for 78 RPM, you might need to search for that, but that would only apply to you if you already had some 78s lying around that you wanted to listen to. You won't come across those in everyday listening and purchasing. The needle will probably only be fine, but perfectly suited to basic purposes. If you start getting way into the world of vinyl collecting, and start having rare finds and such, you should then start delving into audiophile sites and start thinking about high-end models and multiple needles—most listeners are perfectly happy with a basic model.

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