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I compose music on my CVP-501. I record the tracks on a MIDI (.mid) file and record them as a wave (.wav) file. However, being human, I make mistakes. Plus, my setup for recording could be a lot better.

A MIDI editor could fix both of these problems. I could fix the (minor) mistakes and export the file as audio. I realize that MIDI files save the notes and that audio files save the sound, but I have seen enough converters to know it's not impossible to convert between the two.

I am asking for good, free MIDI editors that will run on a Windows machine. I would like an audio conversion feature, but it's not a requirement (like I said, I've seen converters before).

Thanks in advance!

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do you need the source? I've got a closed source one (windows) on (my personal site) – Stephen Hazel Jul 9 '14 at 2:29
No, not really. I only need it to be free. – DrMankowitz Jul 9 '14 at 2:51
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LMMS works for window too, and is free for use.

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Try Anvil Studio, it's free and probably has all you need for basic editing, and more.

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