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Does anyone know any songs that incorporate basic percussive techniques that someone beginning to learn percussive guitar could attempt? Failing that, any resources for beginning to play percussive guitar? I wish to be able to play the style of Mike Dawes, Jon Gomm, Andy McKee etc.

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I suggest starting with some basic rhythmic patterns on the guitar body, practice all your standard drumming patterns e.g. paradiddles and the likes.

Once you've got a solid base for the percussive stuff going on, start trying to incorporate more fretting hand work to bring some harmony in, whether it's just tapping work or you are playing the strings while doing percussive things with your other hand.

Keep working on basic patterns and combinations until you can add more complex rhythms and speed etc.

For a practice song, maybe Teardrop by Massive Attack might be a good starting point. Rodrigo and Gabrielas music is also good for this, although it tends to be on the faster end...

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