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I created a heavily modulated and filtered bass sound on F-1 but cannot play anything other than the F-1 itself and its # as the rest have too many conflicting frequencies.

How can these two keys be used without boring the listener?

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Wouldn't a better solution be to modify the sound so more notes sound right? –  Dom Jul 13 '14 at 18:17
How can F and F# be used without boring the listener? Using a synth patch that we have never heard? Tough question, that. –  Lee Kowalkowski Jul 14 '14 at 8:32

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A few ideas:

  1. The most difficult but most flexible approach would be to continue playing with the synth programming until the synth sounds in tune on more notes, or program more synths to have similar sounds on different notes.

  2. Use pedal point. A bassline using pedal point constantly plays the same note, regardless of the changes in harmony. Done well, which is easy to pull off in my experience, it adds a lot of color and tension to harmonies.

  3. Use simple harmonies in your song. I've heard a lot of electronic music that has very simple chord changes, sometimes no chord changes for minutes at a time. These songs rely on strong synth programming and compelling rhythms to be interesting.

  4. Use the synth sparingly and use a different bass for most of the harmony. I've heard songs where a synth is only used at the end of phases to play a riff that emphasizes the resolution at the end of a chord progression.

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