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Basic "About Me:" I was a music and actuarial science double major, dropped the music major, and am now working as an actuarial educator full-time. I'd like to get back to composing. The biggest project that I did when I was a music major was compose a clarinet concerto where each movement portrayed a style from different musical periods (classical/Mozartian, romantic, and 20th century serialism).

I did my first voice-leading exercise in about three years today, and I realized that my counterpoint writing is very dull. I'm not as good as I used to be at it anymore, unfortunately.

Sure, I know all of the rules of Renaissance counterpoint, but I'm interested in something that is more... interesting, maybe Baroque counterpoint or counterpoint as used in film scoring.

Are there any resources that are available to learn this stuff (besides the Online Berklee courses, which are quite expensive)?

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Sure, that helps out with Baroque counterpoint, but how about with how it's used in 21st century music (film scoring-type projects)? –  Clarinetist Jul 14 at 13:58
@Clarinetist - you assume through commentary that much counterpoint (and through implication, polyphony) is evident in 21st century films. Most contemporary film music is energy-derived, not motivic; which forms the basis of long-form counterpoint. –  jjmusicnotes yesterday
It may be important to make a distinction: Counterpoint is really about having 2 or more independent lines in the music. Most film scoring is not contrapuntal, it is homophonic. The theory of voice leading in homophonic music is derived from counterpoint but is certainly different. What type of music are you actually trying to create? We can argue that a lot of modern pop and rock music is contrapuntal but in a very different sort of way, specifically voice leading is often not a consideration or the rules of voice leading and counterpoint of old do not get applied. –  Basstickler yesterday

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You might consider http://www.ars-nova.com/cp/ (though I haven't used it myself, so I don't know about 21st-century style). I'd also second A Practical Approach to Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint in the question to which @Dave has linked.

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