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I tried to integrate FL Studio as a VST plugin into Virtual DJ 8 but when I activate the plugin there is no sound from the song that was originally playing. Also the BPMs from Virtual DJ do not sync with the FL Studio plugin and the platters do not activate automatically or in sync.

I use Sony Acid Music Studio together with the FL Studio plugin and it works seamlessly, how can I do the same when using the FL Studio plugin in Virtual DJ 8?

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I don't you can integrate FL as a VST into Virtual DJ, as it is a DAW, and is used to run VSTs inside. Sony Avid is a DAW and it would be used via Rewire.

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FL Studio (and some other DAWs) actually can be used as a VST plugin within another DAW. OP was able to do it with Sony Acid but had problems doing it with Virtual DJ. –  Charles 2 days ago
So is there no way it will work? Sorry Mike your grammar makes no sense to me. –  Frankenstein yesterday

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