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All right, so the other day one of my guitars broke. That got me thinking, instead of getting another guitar, why not get something else?

And so I was thinking about getting a ukulele just because it seems quite fun, it's like a guitar but smaller, different sound and tuning. But then I thought, maybe that wouldn't be all that fun, maybe getting something all new would be interesting. And so I've also been looking at recorders.

So what do you think would be most interesting, uke or recorder? Or something else? I'd like it to be quite portable (smaller than a guitar), not very expensive and not as loud as, for example, a trumpet.

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My preference is the recorder, which I have played seriously for 20 years. But there are several things to consider:

  • What is your musical taste? Modern stuff fits the Ukelele; renaissance and baroque music fits the recorder.
  • How social do you want to be? Check for recorder consorts and Ukelele orchestras in your local area.
  • Recorder is easy to learn, but very hard to master. If you get serious you will need to buy a wooden alto, and later a descant, tenor and bass. Then if you get even more into it, you might want to add a set of renaissance low-pitch instruments (A=415) and possibly a set of French Baroque (A=466). Then there are great basses and contra basses and sub-contra basses.
  • Ukelele will introduce chords and harmony. Recorder (played in a good consort) will introduce tuning pure fifths and thirds - both have their place.

Whatever, try both - a cheap Ukelele and a cheap plastic alto recorder won't break the bank.

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