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Freddie Green, the guitar player in the Count Basie Orchestra, had amazing chordal technique. I use his chords all the time but I think I'm missing some of the voicings. Where can I find a complete listing of Freddie Green chords?

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If you're playing this style, I would suggest that instead of looking for a list of Freddie Green chords, you should procedurally construct all drop 2 chords using string set 6543. Freddie Green chords are merely drop2 chords on strings 6543, but with the note on string 5 always omitted to leave a little bit of space for the rest of the ensemble.

(Straw man coming up...) Some may say, "but wait, sometimes you play a major 6th chord in substitution of a major seventh, and that merits its own place on a list of "major 7th freddie green chords." Hogwash, I say. The decision to make small harmonic substitutions is not really directly related. You can make many substitutions especially in this use of thin shell chords.

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