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I've seen this term used for a number of performances, but I couldn't find a definition for this word. Almost all results on Google lead me to a band named "Coldplay", which is not the one I'm looking for.

Assuming from the performances where I've seen this word, it seemed to me that it means a musical piece played by someone for the first time only by reading the notes, without having practiced it before the performance. However, this is only my assumption. Is there a clear definition for the word "coldplay"?

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Well, there's this possibility: – Carl Witthoft Oct 2 '14 at 19:30
A terrible band from the UK maybe? – Neil Meyer Feb 9 at 5:58
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I've never heard "coldplay" used but I would assume it would be the same as "playing a song cold". This is when a group plays a song together (typically in a live setting) either without having practiced the song at all or could also apply if the group hasn't player or practiced a song together for an extended period of time.

I've also heard the term "cold read" used in place of sight reading in a practice setting.

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Maybe someone used "Coldplay" to mean a sight-read. It's not a generally-used term. Considering the possibility of confusion with the band, I'd avoid using it.

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Considering the band itself, I avoid using it. – Jason P Sallinger Mar 3 at 18:28

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