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I saw Puccini's Gianni Schicchi recently and realised it was remarkably short at under an hour. Are there any operas which are commonly performed in even less time than that?

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This question appears to be off-topic because it belongs on Music Fans. – Dave Dec 20 '14 at 0:45
Strauss's Salome is only 1 hour and 40 minutes long, but that's longer than Gianni Schicchi. Handel's Acis and Galatea is just 1 hour and 20 minutes too. – dumbledad Dec 20 '14 at 6:38
@Dave, clearly it is about the length of performance of a musical work and therefore relates to musical performance. – Constantin Dec 20 '14 at 9:15
I don't understand the off-topic nature; it is about performance and history. The precise definition of "commonly performed" might be more for music fans, but I don't think the question is mainly about that. – Michael Scott Cuthbert Dec 22 '14 at 4:11

I seem to remember that Mozart's "Bastien und Bastienne" is rather brisk in just a single act, maybe due to the limited attention span of the twelve year old composer.

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Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors is 46 minutes, according to some random webpage, which might be under Gianni, by a smidgen, since someone mentioned 52 minutes for one particular recording. And Gianni is one of a set of three, which are roughly the same length I believe, though can't find any data. (It doesn't help that the librettist was a young man, who died in 1970, so these Puccini scores are still in copyright everywhere in the world except the USA.)

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