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I'm looking for "soft sounding" strings for my five-string Fender bass (American Deluxe V). Default Fender strings are not for me, unfortunately. What kind of strings can give me this sound?

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If, by soft, you mean less bright, then flat wound strings might be for you. I'd recommend Thomastik Jazz Flats, a little expensive, but they last a very long time. They sound wonderful, with a kind of throaty, singing voice, with just the right amount of thump, and more sustain than any other brand I tried. They made my cheap accoustic fretless bass sound much more doghousey. On my Fender Precision they sounded like James-Jamerson-meets-Mick-Karn, if that makes any sense. HTH.

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Jazz Flats made my Squier P sound fan-freaking-tastic! I felt bad about putting strings that cost 2/3 the price of the bass, but SO worth it! – Pulsehead Jul 8 '11 at 18:26

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