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I play jazz vibraphone. I'm fan of Gary Burton's playing.

I'm looking for books or online ressources (solo transcriptions, technical analysis of his style, etc...) on Gary Burton or which could help me in understanding his play and getting there myself. (Pointers to good stuff related to other players are welcome too).

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Your best bet is to make your own solo transcriptions. Get some software that slows down music without changing its pitch, and use it to transcribe your favorite Gary Burton solos. Like most things, when you do it yourself it's much harder and slower, but you also learn much more deeply and completely. If you simply want to play Gary Burton solos, then someone else's transcriptions are fine; if you truly want to understand his play and get there yourself, you've got to do the hard work yourself.

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I agree with this and I even started doing that some times ago. But it is really painful and a long path. I was expecting some possible shortcuts that I could have missed... –  gurney alex Aug 31 '11 at 13:17

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