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I'm considering learning to play the piano by reading resources instead of taking up piano lessons. It would allow me to just a buy the piano and learn it by myself. What good books or other resources would you recommend?

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What kind of music are you trying to learn? Classical music differs greatly from pop or jazz. Do you already know how to read sheet music, or will you need to learn that, too? – Babu Sep 17 '11 at 14:07
We need a lot more information on your background and, as noted, your goals. Please see if the answer to this question answers yours. – Matthew Read Sep 17 '11 at 15:48

John Thompson Piano Courses are the old standards and have been used successfully by gazillions of people. But in case there is something newer and better, you could go by a piano store and ask them for a good beginning piano book.

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I'd recommend L&M Piano.

It actually DVDs with video instruction that goes with the written material. Still it's great for the beginner.

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If you're going to be teaching yourself, I recommend the "Alfred Adult Piano Method." Supplement it with a good video on piano technique such as Barbara Lister Sink's "freeing the caged bird."

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Get a Transcription of whatever you want. Then get the recording. Just remember, no matter who plays it, It's always an interpretation of what is written down.

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