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After years away from the guitar I wanted to pick it up again, but learning flamenco (for something completely different).

I live half a world away from Andalucia, so getting to play with others is a bit difficult.

Getting the unique tempos/compas of flamenco ingrained is one of the challenges I face, as they are quite unlike anything I've played in the past. If I play unaccompanied, I can stray quite easily.

Ideally I'd like to find some good backing tracks, with palmas & cajon but no guitar. Youtube doesn't yield much of interest, but I see a few companies selling dvd, loops and such. Any recommendations?

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I suspect the elusive part of "good backing tracks" is going to be the "good" part. The kind of stuff you're likely to find for sale is likely to be rather "soulless". It'll sync nicely with a metronome, but you may end up sounding like you have a metronome permanently mounted in your ear.

I think it may be more useful to focus on find "good pieces" that you really want to learn. Then there are gizmos and software to "remove parts". (To the group: Do any of these things work well enough to recommend?)

Recording yourself and listening to playback can be helpfull, too.

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+1. Audacity works well for removing parts using the technique described here - I think that's a great idea. – jadarnel27 Nov 7 '11 at 4:53 You can ask for tracks without guitars.

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