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I had seen an electric guitar somewhere (can't remember) that resemble one used in guitar hero, but it's a real guitar for playing. It has buttons filling up the frets on each note to replace strings. You can strum without a pick and somehow the "button-guitar" sense the strumming.

I searched on google but couldn't find it (may be I didn't get the name right). What is it called? Electric-button-guitar? Who manufactures it?

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The original and longest-running instrument of the type you describe is the

Starr Labs Ztar

family of instruments. They've been offering these guitars for more than 25 years.

Also, Yamaha, the largest music instrument company in the world, has offered a similar guitar, the EZ-AG, for many years also.

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Is it the HyperTouch?

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The only two I know of, if we exclude the Guitar Hero/Rock Band ones are:

I don't know if the Hypertouch is real yet or still a concept, but the Kitara is available now.

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guess it's the miso I saw. so the name is "Digital Guitar"! – KMC Feb 4 '12 at 1:28

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